How to get rid of armadillos

How to get rid of armadillos

If you are a gardener, then you know that armadillos can be a pain in the neck. They have been known to dig up gardens and make it difficult for plants to grow. But not anymore! This blog post will tell you how to get rid of armadillos so that your garden is safe from these pesky animals.

“Have you ever woken up to the sound of scratching coming from under your house? Well, if it is an armadillo then there are a few things that may help get rid of them. Armadillos can be pesky creatures because they dig around for grubs and bugs. They will also take advantage of any holes in fences or even homes.”

Step by step instructions to Stop Armadillos in the Garden

Unfortunately, the best strategy to prevent armadillos from entering your yard isn’t just the most costly, however, may likewise be the most un-alluring. A strong fence without any spaces large enough for the critters to creep through and covered a foot or all the more underground so they can’t burrow under it is the best type of armadillo control.

Yet, in case you’re not pleasant to living inside a fenced fort, utilizing their own science against them may be a more commonsense and successful strategy for disposing of armadillos. Armadillos have an extraordinary feeling of smell and a huge piece of their cerebrum is committed to it, so the response to how to dispose of armadillos is genuinely straightforward.

Make your yard smell! Indeed, solid scented, eye-stinging fragrances like those of vinegar or alkali or past pine cleaner can leave armadillos speechless, driving them from their acquires and your yard. Supposedly, these roly-poly animals are outraged by the smell of pine needles or pine bark. You may have a go at changing to one of these as mulch for your nursery beds.

Best methods of how to get rid of armadillos

Limit their food supply

Need to dispose of an armadillo in your yard? Assault its food supply. On the off chance that armadillos have nothing to eat, they’ll probably scrounge somewhere else.

Why this may not work: Ridding the dirt, all things considered, grubs and worms may prompt a totally different arrangement of issues as plants additionally depend on these creatures. Additionally, applying insect poisons may hurt birds, bunnies, squirrels — or your pets.

Armadillos prevented a prepared inventory from getting food from the beginning, rummage your yard for whatever else to eat (similar as raccoons and opossums focus on your trash), making much more passages and openings. These passages and openings can represent their own difficulties to kids playing in your yard or you when you’re cutting the grass.

How to get rid of armadillos by eliminating their food supply

In-ground fencing

The in-ground wall may appear to be a viable arrangement, yet in the event that the fence doesn’t dive sufficiently deep, armadillos will tunnel directly under and into your yard. Now and again armadillos will climb directly absurd.

More profound is better: A fence covered 18 inches down and skewed outward at a 40-degree point will help prevent armadillos from burrowing. Mortgage holders with a huge border will need to think about the expense of fencing materials.

Electric fencing

An electrical fence can keep armadillos out of your middle and off your grass, however, don’t go this course in zones where kids or pets play.

Ace tip: If you choose this stunning arrangement, a solitary strand electrical fence 3 to 4 creeps off the ground can be viable, the University of Missouri Extension suggests.

Eliminate their concealing spots

Armadillos like to make tunnels in territories that have a defensive cover. Eliminating brush, rock heaps, and tall grass will in some cases deter armadillos from burrowing.

Why this may not work: By disposing of these materials from your yard, you are eliminating the natural surroundings of other untamed life.

Live catching and bedeviling

Bedeviling is a powerful answer for controlling armadillos attacking your yard.

The University of Florida IFAS Extension probed how 40 armadillos reacted to an assortment of lures. The IFAS Extension tried spineless creatures, eggs, natural products, and fragrances from armadillo butt-centric organs. They reasoned that the vast majority of the armadillos favored lake worms, wigglers, crickets, and red worms.

The test with bedeviling armadillos is getting an armadillo to discover the snare and enter it. Armadillos battle to perceive food sources until they are very close. Teasing an armadillo from a significant distance won’t be a fruitful arrangement.

What this implies: You should discover your armadillo’s (or armadillos’) venture out ways and openings to put a snare where armadillos are well on the way to unearth it. For instance, set snares close to the passageway of a functioning tunnel or close by fencing obstructions where armadillos have a propensity for voyaging.

Professional tip: Wooden sheets can help pipe any armadillos moving close by hindrances directly into the snares.

Mortgage holders who wish to lure and trap their armadillos should stay cautious and screen the snares. Leaving any pen trap or live snare unchecked for a really long time is destructive to the creature stuck inside.


Anti-agents can be a powerful method to dispose of armadillo bothers around your property. Anti-agents work in one of three different ways: by making upsetting fragrances in domains, by ruining armadillo food sources, or by frightening them away.

Custom made Armadillo Repellents

We will begin with some DIY strategies for armadillo control. Quite possibly the most well-known custom-made armadillo anti-agents include a combination of cayenne pepper and water. The cayenne pepper is hostile to its faculties, and the fluid will help the cayenne adhere to the surface where you’re applying it. Contingent upon the amount you weaken the cayenne pepper, a standard jug will normally make 16 liquid ounces of repellent. The inclusion territory relies upon how intensely the custom-made armadillo repellent is applied to the ideal region.

Star: The expense of this technique is low – typically around $5 for a jug of cayenne pepper.

Con: It needs continuous reapplication because of precipitation and subsequently may not be just about as compelling as different strategies. Custom-made techniques don’t infiltrate the dirt just as business strategies.

Business Armadillo Repellents

Obviously, there are likewise financially made armadillo anti-agents that last more and are more powerful than hand-crafted assortments. These anti-agents commonly come in fluid or water-initiated granular structures.

Like custom-made cayenne anti-agents, business anti-agents focus on an armadillo’s feeling of smell and taste to make the climate uninviting. To utilize, spread the anti-agents around your property. This will cover bugs stowing away in the dirt with a covering arrangement that makes them taste awful. The ideal outcome is that the armadillo will leave your property looking for creepy crawlies that taste better.

Master: These strategies are more viable at entering the dirt than hand-crafted. Business anti-agents likewise shouldn’t be applied as regularly. They can be reapplied as little as each 4 to about a month and a half.

Con: Potentially come at a greater expense than custom-made anti-agents.

Electronic Armadillo Repellents

Movement-initiated electronic anti-agents are likewise a possibility for stopping armadillos from entering your yard. An electronic impediment is actuated when it detects movement, sending a surge of water from the sprinkler towards the intruding animal. These gadgets are particularly helpful for securing the border of your property to keep armadillos from entering in any case.

Professional: Electronic anti-agents offer an enormous inclusion region. They are viable at deterring armadillos from taking up the home and causing annihilation. Electronic anti-agents give day-in and day-out assurance.

Con: Motion-actuated anti-agents are more costly than fluid or granular anti-agents.

Spread Bifen Granules

Utilizing A Spreader

A backhanded strategy for disposing of Armadillos is to apply Bifen LP Granules. Bifen LP is an incredible granular insect spray that will kill a not insignificant rundown of bugs for as long as 90 days and can altogether diminish the presence of creepy crawlies, removing the Armadillo’s food source.

Bifen LP ought to be applied as both a transmission and border treatment. To utilize Bifen LP, you will require a granular spreader. Measure the area of your yard (length x width = area) to decide how many granules to apply and afterward load the fitting add up to the spreader. The common application rate is 2.3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Burden your spreader with the suitable measure of Bifen LP Granules and apply around the border of your construction. Then, apply everything over the yard (broadcast) making a point to apply in mulch territories, and in arranging, and at the foot of ornamentals. At long last, enact the item by watering the zones treated.

Spreading granules

After you have caught or repulsed the meddling Armadillo from your property, you should sanction some safeguard measures to hold the vermin back from returning. Here are a couple of measures we propose:

Cover those tunnels

On the off chance that you discover tunnels in your nursery, get up and fill them. Try not to allow them to choose your property since they are searching for food and within a couple of days, you could discover your nursery totally rampaged. Use stones, leaves, and mud to cover the tunnels. This would keep them from burrowing further.

Introduce lights

Being nighttime animals, armadillos like to chase for food in obscurity. Consequently, you could introduce brilliant lights in a couple of regions to drive off the creatures.

How to get rid of armadillos by lights
How to get rid of armadillos by lights

Use Armadillo Scram

On the off chance that you have been running over Armadillos of late, you can keep them far away with the assistance of Armadillo Scram repellent. Armadillo Scram is a granular anti-agents that contains all-normal fixings that meddle with Armadillo’s sharp feeling of smell. At the point when they get a whiff of the granule or taste it, they will be put off by it and will leave the premises.

Utilize a spreader similarly as with the Bifen LP Granules to make a band of the Armadillo Scram granules around the border of your property.

Garlic Plants

Despite the fact that armadillos have a powerless vision, it is counterbalanced by their great feeling of smell. Utilizing this strength against them, many accept that scents like garlic may dissuade armadillos. In a University of Nebraska study, scientists inspected these consequences for birds. They tracked down that high convergence of garlic oil was expected to decrease the bird’s exercises. Recollect that this investigation happened in a controlled climate.

Along these lines, applying significant degrees of garlic oil might be unrealistic in true conditions. Also, analysts found that birds who had no other food sources got back to the garlic-injected plant. While there are no examinations to demonstrate these impacts on armadillos, similar outcomes could happen. So disposing of armadillos with garlic might be wasteful.

How to get rid of armadillos with garlic injections
How to get rid of armadillos with garlic injections

Cayenne Pepper

Another normal answer for armadillo control is cayenne pepper. Capsaicin, a normally happening fixing in cayenne pepper, can cause aggravation upon ingestion. In contrast to people, creatures retain capsaicin in their stomachs, which can cause extreme irritation. As thus, many accept that natural life can connect these impacts with the harvest they ingested. Consequently, untamed life may try not to get back to that spot.

Scientists at the University of Nebraska put this hypothesis under a magnifying glass. They found that cayenne pepper didn’t hinder untamed life like they figured it would. All things being equal, results showed that beaver and deer reactions shifted. Hence, cayenne pepper was not a steady or solid impediment.

Specialists ascribed the shortcoming to the substance’s powerless toughness. Specifically, stickiness and downpour can make the fixing shrivel or wash away. Thus, this may eliminate all insurance from the plant. Consider substitute choices on the off chance that you live in a space with a flighty climate.


Fencing is likewise a well-known answer for untamed life attacks. All things considered, it may not be a viable answer for armadillo evacuation. Armadillos are climbers, which implies that a fence may not discourage them from your property. To expand adequacy, the fence ought to be 24 inches high and skewed outward at a 40-degree point. Cover in any event 12 extra crawls of fence underground to guarantee soundness. Because of the danger of failure, fencing may not be the best answer for ensuring your home.

How to get rid of armadillos by fencing
How to get rid of armadillos by fencing

Insect poison

Armadillos care around a certain something: food. Their essential wellspring of food incorporates bugs like termites, creepy crawlies, wasps, and worms. Many accept that insect sprays may assist with diminishing armadillo food sources. Hence, armadillos may need to move

. A farming master from the University of Florida contended that insect poisons may not keep armadillos from burrowing. Indeed, the expansion in burrowing might be because of looking for new food sources. This incorporates vegetation, little creatures, or hatchlings. To hold armadillos back from getting more dynamic, think about an option in contrast to insect sprays.

Diminish Attractants

Armadillos meander into your yard looking for food and sanctuary. Since most of an armadillo’s food is underground, totally eliminating attractants is almost outlandish. Anyway, there are significant advances you can take to make your yard less inviting:

Eliminate covers like brush, heaps of wood, low-lying shrubberies, and bushes. Armadillos like to tunnel in zones with plentiful cover, so by opening up your yard, they’ll feel less comfortable.

Tidy up any fallen berries or organic product, which may draw in armadillos.

Identify Areas of Damage

Regardless of whether they are uncovering your grass for food or tunneling underground for cover, armadillos are most dangerous when they’re borrowing. Recognizing spaces of harm will assist you with deciding the best control choice.

Basic armadillo exercises include:

  • burrowing openings all through the yard, around 3-5″ wide and around 1-3″ profound.
  • evacuating plants and seedlings.
  • tunneling close to or under structures, walkways, brush heaps, low-lying bushes, or another cover.
  • harming underground lines or potentially wires
  • making breaks in walkways, carports, or building establishments because of tunneling

Choose the Right Control Method

When you focus on your armadillo issue, you can choose the best control technique for you. Every technique assumes its own part in disposing of armadillos, so it’s imperative to take note that the more control strategies you utilize, the more successful your protection will be.

Live Armadillo Trap

Utilize a live snare to physically eliminate armadillos living in tunnels on your property. Catching is basic with the legitimate snare arrangement. Armadillos depend on normal pathways when searching, which makes their conduct truly unsurprising. Some arrangement tips to follow include:

Around evening time, place the snare straightforwardly before the tunnel entrance.

Spot the snare along the divider or fence line nearest to the harm.

Make a “V” with wooden boards to channel the armadillo towards the snare open.

How to get rid of armadillos with traps
How to get rid of armadillos with traps

Sort out their place of passage.

On the off chance that you have gotten armadillos inside your home, attempt to sort out how they got in. Search for any openings or spaces in your home, especially in sometimes visited places like your cellar. Whenever you have pinpointed how the armadillos are getting in, counsel a craftsman about the most ideal approach to seal your home from little animals.

Similarly, on the off chance that you as of now have a fence around your lawn and the armadillo is as yet getting in, attempt to check whether the armadillo has burrowed an opening under your fence that it’s utilizing to get in. Fill in the opening with earth, and if the issue endures, consider introducing the fence a foot or more into the ground.

Close any tunnels in your yard. Armadillos regularly burrow tunnels, or huge openings, as they are searching for food in the ground. In the event that an armadillo has left a tunnel in your yard, top it off with earth. This will deter different armadillos from proceeding with work on the tunnel and further disturbing your lawn.

Fill the tunnel totally with pea rock and soil to make it less simple to uncover.

Eliminate brush and likely haven. Armadillos will in general like dull, encased spots like the space inside clusters of shrubberies or behind the low-hanging brush. On the off chance that you over and again notice armadillos in your yard, consider changing the arranging to kill potential shelter.

This could include cutting overhanging branches or pushing deck furniture toward the center of the grass to keep armadillos from stowing away under it.

Make your yard smell undesirable.

Armadillos have incredibly solid feelings of smell and are normally repulsed by specific aromas. Castor oil is a substance demonstrated to repulse armadillos. It is typically advertised toward moles and gophers, yet deals with a few scavenging creatures. Adhere to the guidelines on the jug for the best effect.

The fragrance of mothballs likewise repulses armadillos. Spot mothballs around tunnels just as any spaces you need to ensure like your nursery to fight off armadillos.

Armadillos are likewise repulsed by the fragrance of cayenne pepper. Shake cayenne pepper generously around your yard to ward them off.

You can likewise absorb cloth vinegar or alkali and leave it close to the tunnel to repulse armadillos.

Buy parasitic worms. In the event that you are experiencing difficulty with armadillos in your nursery, spread parasitic worms in your nursery or bloom beds. Parasitic worms feed on a large number of the creepy crawlies that armadillos eat. After the worms have remained in your yard for a couple of days, armadillos will see that your yard is certifiably not a decent food source and will not come back.

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