How to get rid of gag reflex

How to get rid of gag reflex

Gagging is an involuntary response, usually to something that’s been put in your mouth. The gag reflex can be a helpful reaction because it prevents you from choking. However, if the gagging happens too often or at inappropriate times, it may not be healthy and could point to other problems like anxiety or depression.
So how do we get rid of a gag reflex?
The first thing you can try is taking deep breaths while you’re eating or drinking something that’s bothering your throat. This will help keep air flowing through the back of your throat instead of triggering the gag reflex. Another technique is called “mantra breathing” – which means repeating some soothing words as you take each breath until those words become calming for yourself and.

The gag reflex is a natural defense mechanism to prevent choking. It’s the result of an involuntary muscle contraction that sends saliva and mucus back up your throat to help you spit out whatever may be blocking your airway. A healthy gag reflex protects you from injury, but sometimes it can become more than just uncomfortable – it can cause pain and discomfort when eating solid foods or drinking liquids.

What causes it?

Two sorts of improvements can trigger a gag reflex: somatogenic and psychogenic.


A somatogenic boost is one that genuinely connects with a trigger point. Comparable to oral trigger focus, this might be an enormous piece of food or an unfamiliar item.

The enactment of a trigger point causes nerve signs to pass to the mind, which at that point flags the pharynx to contract.

In this example, the gag reflex is an endeavor to keep an individual from stifling or gulping something conceivably hazardous.

Albeit trigger focuses in the mouth may differ, a gag reflex will normally happen when something animates the base of the tongue, the uvula, or the tonsil region.

A few groups may choke from a delicate touch on a trigger point, while others might have the option to endure a more exceptional sensation prior to choking.


A psychogenic upgrade is a psychological trigger that makes an individual gag. By and large, a psychogenic improvement is a reaction to disturb. In this manner, an individual may choke while encountering an unsavory idea.

How to get rid of gag reflex
How to get rid of gag reflex

Somatogenic and psychogenic improvements joined

Physical and mental boosts can be isolated occasions or occur simultaneously. An individual may, in this manner, likewise gag because of specific sights, sounds, and scents.

This blend of psychogenic and somatogenic boosts can clarify why a few group may choke just under particular conditions.

For instance, an individual may not choke while taking part in their own oral cleanliness however may choke when a dental specialist performs it because of numerous triggers being available at the dental specialist’s office.

These may incorporate nervousness about the system, the dental specialist contacting actual trigger focuses, the flavor of the dental specialist’s gloves, and the sound of dental apparatuses.

Best methods of how to get rid of gag reflex

Numb your delicate sense of taste. At the point when an item contacts the delicate sense of taste, it can trigger the gag reflex. Utilize a ludicrous throat-desensitizing shower like Chloraseptic to desensitize your delicate sense of taste. Then again, you could tenderly apply an effective OTC pain-relieving with benzocaine utilizing a q-tip. The impacts should keep going for about 60 minutes, and your sense of taste will be less reactive.

Throat-desensitizing splashes once in a while cause results. Be that as it may, you should quit utilizing it on the off chance that you experience regurgitating, queasiness, wooziness, laziness, as well as stomach cramps.

Utilize the benzocaine cure with alert. The q-tip could trigger a gag or gagging reflex. Other conceivable results incorporate weariness, shortcoming, skin bothering around the ears, blue skin around the lips and fingertips, and brevity of breath.

You ought to keep away from the benzocaine cure completely in case you’re sensitive to benzocaine. Get some information about cooperations with other OTC meds, nutrients/enhancements, or homegrown cures you may be taking.


One common approach to control choking is to rehearse any sort of unwinding strategy you discover success. A few groups think. Others utilize independent representation. It may even be something as basic as tuning in to music.

How to get rid of gag reflex by unwinding
How to get rid of gag reflex by unwinding

Whatever you can do to make yourself looser prior to coming into the workplace can help lessen your gag reflex. Also, obviously, we can utilize NuCalm when you are in the workplace to assist you with unwinding.

Needle therapy

Needle therapy has been appeared to decrease the gag reflex both for malignancy treatment and for dental patients. For dental patients, the spot that needle therapy is polished is on the ear, close to the deepest whorl of the ligament. This is truly significant on the grounds that the ear interfaces with a significant nerve that can add to choking: the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve conveys signals from the rear of the throat to trigger choking, and needle therapy could undercut these signs for certain individuals.

Vagus nerve inclusion may likewise clarify why a few groups see improvement of their gag reflex after a chiropractic change, which may ease tension on the nerve.

Pressure point massage

Yet, in case you’re searching for a simple arrangement that doesn’t include an uncommon outing to the acupuncturist to allow you to brush your teeth, pressure point massage is most likely the least demanding. For this method, you should simply make a suffocating grip with your left hand, putting your thumb within (precisely the manner in which you would prefer not to do it in case you’re really going to punch somebody).

Hold for a couple of moments, and you should see your gag reflex smothered for at any rate 30 seconds. Insufficient for a full tooth brushing, but rather enough to get those back teeth that are generally tricky.

How to get rid of gag reflex with massage
How to get rid of gag reflex with massage

In contrast to needle therapy, there’s an awful nerve way to highlight the viability of this one. Also, perhaps it doesn’t work for as numerous individuals, however, it manages jobs for a few.

Pressure point massage includes squeezing certain pieces of the body to urge it to self-mend and self-manage. A more established examination proposes that applying strain to the palm may change an individual’s trigger point.

Recounted proof additionally recommends that if an individual shuts their left hand over their left thumb and applies a delicate pressing factor, it might prevent them from choking.

Worldly Tap

The fleeting tap is another simple method to smother the gag reflex that you can do at home or we can do in the workplace. Everything necessary is a circle of tapping beginning in the front of your ear, at that point around in a free circle until we arrive at the rear of your ear.

This is an exceptionally compelling strategy for some individuals, and it’s super-simple. The probable instrument is that the vibrations from the tapping initiate the vestibular framework. It’s something contrary such that makes a few groups with TMJ experience sickness identified with jaw sounds. The vestibular framework is liable for queasiness set off by movement affliction or dazedness. In any case, these frameworks cover so they can hamper gag reflex, as well.


An individual may desensitize their gag reflex by acclimating the trigger point in their mouth to contact.

One strategy that an individual can attempt is taking their toothbrush and gradually pushing it rearward of their tongue until they feel near choking. They would then be able to brush that region for 15–30 seconds.

How to get rid of gag reflex with tooth brush
How to get rid of gag reflex with tooth brush

An individual should endeavor to do this cycle double a day until they presently don’t want to choke from brushing around there.

Now, they can move their toothbrush back somewhat further and rehash the interaction.

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