How to get rid of groundhogs

Groundhogs can be a nuisance when it comes to gardens and lawns. They are destructive pests that will burrow in the ground and make mounds of dirt all over your yard. These pesky creatures also tend to get into trash cans, eat plants that you have planted, and destroy your flower beds.
One way to get rid of these animals is by setting up traps around the property where they live or by spraying them with water so they leave on their own accord.

Groundhogs often enter residential gardens, yards, and farms to eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, corn, or other crops. They can also cause structural damage by burrowing holes under foundations.

Proven ways of how to get rid of groundhogs

Identify Habits

Where is your groundhog investing the greater part of its energy? What kind of harm is it causing? The responses to these inquiries will assist you with picking your control strategy.

Regular groundhog exercises include:

  • harming crops like peas, beans, melons, and hay
  • eating grasses and clover
  • chewing/ripping at on wood or vegetation like trees and bushes
  • biting through electrical wires/tubing
  • burrowing openings and tunneling under grass or designs

Search out any groundhog tunnels on your property – you can distinguish these by finding their passageways/exits. Tunnels for the most part contain 2-5 passageway openings, each around 6-8 crawls in distance across. Groundhogs frequently shroud these openings by burrowing them under vegetation or potentially freely concealing them with leaves and sticks.

Groundhogs: The great, the terrible, and the best an ideal opportunity for expulsion

Things being what they are, you think you know groundhogs? Possibly. How about we check whether you know the responses to these regularly posed inquiries. In the event that you miss these, all things considered, you’ll need to peruse the inquiries over and over until you can answer them accurately, similar to the film “Groundhog Day.”

How to get rid of groundhogs
How to get rid of groundhogs

Are there advantages to groundhogs?

Prior to choosing to dispose of groundhogs, comprehend that except if they’re causing an issue, they ought to be left alone.

Groundhogs assume a significant part in our biological framework. Their neglected tunnels can become homes for other untamed life, for example, foxes, skunks, and bunnies. They give food to hunters, including birds of prey, owls, coyotes, and falcons. Their incidentally tricky burrowing can even assistance circulate air through soil and reuse supplements.

Like their squirrel and chipmunk brethren, groundhogs likewise don’t repeat quickly. Possibly associating with an accomplice when it’s an ideal opportunity to mate, grown-up females convey their young for around one month prior to bringing forth two to six little guys. Thus, “invasion” isn’t a word you’d partner with these creatures.

Are groundhogs forceful?

Groundhogs invest a large portion of their energy inside their tunnels, arising a couple of hours during the day to assemble food. At the point when they are all over town, they give a valiant effort to keep away from people.

In the event that you chance upon a rabies-tainted groundhog, nonetheless, it might assault ridiculous. Other than rabies, groundhogs are not viewed as destructive to individuals and don’t as a rule send different infections to them.

What Is a Woodchuck or Groundhog?

Woodchucks don’t eat wood by any means. The maxim, “How much wood would a woodchuck throw if a woodchuck could toss wood,” is only a colloquialism and that’s it. Their primary food sources are vegetation, grass, nuts, and little creepy crawlies, similar to grubs. They will likewise sporadically eat more modest creatures.

These creatures ordinarily weigh from four to nine pounds, however, in ideal conditions, they can weigh as much as 31 pounds. By and large, they live around six years yet have been referred to live in zoos for up to 14 years.

Groundhogs make underground passage frameworks that element openings as doors and ways out in the ground. These give security to the groundhogs when a hunter is in their middle however are unattractive unleashing destruction on yards.

How to get rid of groundhogs with proven ways
How to get rid of groundhogs fast

An individual from the marmot family and the relative of ground squirrels, the groundhog is a swamp animal that sleeps throughout the cold weather months. A different opening is generally burrowed only for this reason. On the off chance that you plan on slaughtering the creature in its tunnel, don’t do it during winter on the grounds that their opening will be cut off. New passages are dived when the creature stirs in the spring, so techniques, for example, catching and harming are best done during spring.

Groundhogs can generally be seen remaining on their rear legs in an alarm position, guarding themselves and different groundhogs. The explanation a few group call them to whistle pigs is that they’ll let out a deafening whistle to caution different groundhogs of threat.

How to get rid of groundhogs
How to get rid of groundhogs

Now and then, rather than covering up, groundhogs will go into all-out attack mode. Avoid groundhogs. They can be forceful creatures when they feel undermined, and they have sharp paws. To them, everybody is a hunter, which is one more motivation to remove them from your property.

Lessen Attractants

A groundhog repulsing plan may be fruitful on the off chance that you limit the accessible wellsprings of food and safe house in your yard. A few stages to take include:

  • collecting crops as right on time as could be expected
  • tidying up heaps of trash, brush, and additionally wood
  • managing back plants groundhogs may eat or use for cover
  • eliminating tree trunks or different wellsprings of wood on which groundhogs may pound their steadily developing teeth

TIP: Prevent groundhogs from involving deserted tunnels by covering openings with wired fencing covered in any event 1 foot subterranean level.

Smoke Them Out

Fumigation executes the groundhog while it is inside the tunnel. The most effortless path is to purchase gas cartridges (otherwise called gas bombs). They are generally sold at garden focuses or can be found on Amazon. Ensure the groundhog is inside the opening prior to disinfecting. This may set aside a touch of effort for perception. When you’re certain the groundhog is inside, fill the entirety of the doorways with the exception of one. At that point light the gas cartridge, open it into the up entrance and rapidly top it off with soil to trap the groundhog and the carbon monoxide inside.

A few groups likewise run a hose from their vehicle’s exhaust and delivery the vapor into the groundhog’s opening. Once more, make certain to obstruct the entirety of the openings. Both of these techniques will murder the groundhog or make him run for a significant distance in the event that he discovers an exit plan.

Pour Ammonia Down the Groundhog’s Tunnel

My favored technique for disposing of groundhogs is to pour smelling salts down their passage; they will promptly quit utilizing it. I haven’t seen a solitary groundhog in the wake of utilizing this strategy. It’s conceivable that they made new passages in the forested areas behind us or have hurried to the neighbor’s yard, however, no new groundhogs have shown up so far. Ensure you discover the entirety of the openings on the grounds that there are quite often a few of them.

How to get rid of groundhog with ammonia
How to get rid of groundhogs with ammonia

You made need to do this more than a few days to successfully drive them off for great. This technique functioned admirably for my mom as well. She had groundhogs burrowing under the establishment of her outbuilding, and the smelling salts had exactly the intended effect. The best result you can expect with this technique is that the groundhogs will make new openings somewhere else, or they will be gone long enough for you to construct walls around your yard and keep them from delving once again into your property.

Dissuade With Garlic and Pepper

Groundhogs disdain the smell of garlic and pepper. To dissuade them from truly getting back to your nursery, pulverize some garlic and pepper and toss it into their tunnels. Do this for a long time until they escape.

You can likewise make a garlic and pepper shower to splash your vegetables. Woodchucks won’t contact anything that smells impactful or hot. For added security, spread the squashed garlic and pepper around your nursery to keep them from entering.

Get a Dog or a Cat (or Use Their Urine and Fur)

Canines are felines that represent a danger to the groundhog and are viewed as hunters. The groundhog will move somewhere else on the off chance that it seems like it can’t live in harmony. On the off chance that you don’t have a canine or a feline or can’t get one, acquire some canine or feline pee and additionally canine or feline hair and sprinkle it around your nursery.

How to get rid of groundhogs with a cat
How to get rid of groundhogs with a cat

On the off chance that you can find their tunnels pour canine pee or feline litter in and around their passages. This will invite them to move away. You can keep them from returning by pouring pee and sprinkling hair around the borders of your yard also.

Use Fencing and Chicken Wire as Prevention

To hold them back from entering your yard once you drive them off or dispose of them, incorporate fencing at any rate 2 feet deep into the ground to forestall burrowing and at any rate 3 feet tall to keep them from bouncing over the fencing!

On the off chance that your primary concern is ensuring your plants, stop from delving by planting chicken wire in an L-shape. Curve the base piece of the chicken wire at 90 degrees (into an L shape). At the point when you plant the chicken wire, the L should point away from your nursery. Along these lines, when the woodchuck burrows, he will hit the lattice and pivot.

Alarm strategies

Most efforts to startle groundhogs don’t function admirably. Scarecrows that are moved around routinely and turning pinwheels can offer transitory alleviation, however they don’t work long haul to startle groundhogs into uncovering another person’s yard.

How to get rid of groundhogs with alarms
How to get rid of groundhogs with alarms

Ultrasonic commotion and vibrations can drive off groundhogs, moles, and other burrowing irritations. Sun-based stakes that send ultrasonic heartbeats cause the ground to vibrate. The shaking drives groundhogs and other annoyance vermin to look for more secure quarters somewhere else.


An in-ground fence is your most ideal choice for getting groundhogs far from vegetable gardens and bloom beds. The PennState Extension recommends a fence in any event 3 feet high and covered 12 inches underground.

“As an extra measure, place an electric wire 4 to 5 creeps off the ground and a similar distance outside the fence,” the expansion office exhorts. “At the point when associated with a fence charger, the electric wire will forestall climbing and tunneling.”

You can likewise utilize equipment material covered 1 foot into the ground to stop groundhogs from tunneling under decks, establishments, and such.

Prior to introducing any kind of fencing or another hindrance, ensure there aren’t any occupied tunnels close by. You would prefer not to unintentionally trap groundhogs inside and cut them off from food and water.

Hot Spray

In the same way as other creatures, groundhogs can’t stand the taste or smell of zesty peppers. Making your own DIY hot splash could be a decent nontoxic technique to attempt, particularly in the event that you’d prefer to apply anti-agents straightforwardly on your plants. Take a splash bottle loaded with water and add some squashed or slashed peppers until you can smell the arrangement yourself. Splash this around your vegetation just as the groundhog tunnel entrance.

How to get rid of groundhogs with pepper spray
How to get rid of groundhogs with pepper spray

Blood Meal

Dry blood feast offers the smartest possible solution when you use it around your plants. Its fundamental design is manure, so it’ll assist your vegetation with developing its maximum capacity while likewise serving to repulse groundhogs with its smell.

Baby Powder

Groundhogs are repulsed by the aroma and presence of bath powder, so you can likewise sprinkle this substance on your plants without upsetting them from developing.

Dispose of Nesting Opportunities

Groundhogs like to hold the openings to their tunnels close to spots of cover, similar to thick brush and tall grasses.

  • Keep up your yard routinely and tidy up heaps of leaves, sticks, and wood.
  • Keep your grass cut off.
  • Trim back shrubberies and bushes so their leaves aren’t excessively low to the ground or thick.
  • Fill in any plunges or little openings that are as of now in your yard. These could be appealing to groundhogs since they will not need to accomplish as much work beginning a tunnel.

Not at all like numerous other ground-abiding nuisances, groundhogs like to tunnel in drier soil. To make your yard less engaging for them to burrow through, keep your dirt as modestly damp as could really be expected while staying consistent with neighborhood watering guidelines.

This could be a test over the mid-year when groundhogs are generally common and the warmth prompts drier grounds. In the event that you would prefer not to turn your sprinklers on all an opportunity to cover your whole yard, take a stab at hosing down specific regions where groundhogs may tunnel, for example, close to brambles and thick greenery.


Probably, groundhogs are pulled into your yard in light of the vegetation developing inside it. Locally acquired anti-agents normally come in fluid or granule frames and contain a concentrated type of hunter pee, like fox or coyote pee. Groundhogs know to avoid these aromas on the off chance that they need to remain alive, so they may look for cover away from your property. This is a decent strategy to utilize in the event that you have kids and pets or basically don’t really want to utilize poisonous substances. Know that anti-agents erode effectively and should be joined with other protection measures to hold the groundhogs back from returning.

  • The most effective method to Use a Repellent.
  • Peruse the directions on the jug you’ve bought to decide the amount to utilize and how frequently you need to supplant it.
  • Sprinkle or shower the substance around the groundhog tunnel and the plants that have been eaten.

Keep on checking your plants to decide the items’ viability.

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