How to get rid of opossums

How To Get Rid of Opossums

Opossums are a common sight in the United States, and they can be found in almost every state. They’re low-maintenance creatures that don’t require much more than what Mother Nature provides to survive.

The most important thing you need to know about opossums is that it’s not easy to get rid of them once they’ve taken up residence outside your home or property line. If you have an opossum problem on your hands, don’t panic! There are many ways for homeowners with this issue to get rid of these pesky pests without harming them or themselves – read on for more information!


Would opossums be able to Transmit Diseases to People?

Opossums can communicate leptospirosis, coccidiosis, tularemia, tuberculosis, and toxoplasmosis when they scratch and chomp. Contact with their defecation and pee likewise puts people in danger for these infections. As they are known to “play dead,” avoid one if you trust it is alive.

Why Are There Opossums On My Property?

Opossums are foragers and will eat pretty much anything. They are pulled in to flooding or putrid garbage bins, revealed fertilizer stores, or different compartments that you may have outside. They like to set up their living space close to water or wet territories. In the event that you live almost a lake, waste trench, or sewer, you’re bound to see opossums on your property.


Opossums are the lone marsupials that live in North America. Like different marsupials, their young create in an outside pocket like kangaroos as opposed to inside a belly inside a placenta.

They’re omnivores that will benefit from nearly anything. But since they have so effectively adjusted to human conditions, they can without much of a stretch become annoyance creatures in metropolitan settings or even in neighborhoods where they scavenge through garbage bins.

Notwithstanding their versatility, opossums are moderate sprinters with helpless visual perception, which is the reason they are effortlessly run over via vehicles. At the point when they are alive, notwithstanding, they can upset pets and make a racket outside while going through trash. They can turn into a vermin issue on your patio or inside your cellar, loft, or unfinished plumbing spaces.

How to prevent them

In case you’re now managing an opossum issue, your initial step is remediation. Clean your property and eliminate everything that draw in opossums.

Food sources like your rubbish and concealing spots like logs can be effectively closed or eliminated. For other attractants like nurseries or the comfortable unfinished plumbing spaces under your home, you may have to move toward warding off opossums and forestalling future invasions.

How to get rid of opossums
How to get rid of opossums

Dispense with Entry Points

Since opossums don’t make their own homes, they’re in every case effectively searching for great concealing where they can rest and avoid hunters. Your loft, storm cellar and unfinished plumbing spaces all offer ideal spots for this, and it tends to be a bad dream once an opossum has set up camp so near your home. Ensure these regions are on the whole appropriately closed and don’t offer any passage focuses.

In the event that you have little openings in the siding or establishment of your home, you can seal them effectively with expandable froth or solid blend.

Review your rooftop for breaks or openings. While you’re up there, place a screen or other boundary on top of chimneys.

You can likewise put resources into vent covers to put over your dryer vents and different openings along your external dividers.

Opossums are incredible climbers, so ensure that the entirety of the trees on your property are managed move in an opposite direction from your home.

Close off decks and unfinished plumbing spaces with screen or pressed wood.

Professional Tips

Timetable open air support and review in any event once per month for yourself or an expert to do.

In the event that you at any point hear scratching commotions or some other dubious sounds around your home, promptly assess your property yourself or call somebody to do as such.

Opossums can “play dead,” so regardless of whether you see one in your yard that seems as though it very well may be dead, keep a protected distance and keep on observing it.


On the off chance that opossums are eating plants in your nursery, you can introduce a screen or lattice fence along the edge or just around the vegetation that the opossums are benefiting from. This will likewise keep out other untamed life like squirrels, voles and chipmunks.

Fencing your whole property is a really productive strategy for fending opossums off. Security walls can work for this reason since opossums don’t generally burrow, however, ensure there aren’t any openings or breaks that they can traverse. The appropriately built wall will likewise keep out different creatures and will pay off over the long haul since you will not need to put as much cash in bother control.

Alarm Tactics

One type of fending opossums off is to make your property less engaging for them to come search for food. Tragically, opossums will not recollect that they were recently scared away from your yard, and they may return in the event that you’re not utilizing different techniques related to these.

How to get rid of opossums with alarm tactics
How to get rid of opossums with alarm tactics

Movement actuated Lights and Sprinklers

Movement actuated devices like outside lights and sprinklers aren’t typically immense ventures, and they can help fend off an assortment of gatecrashers. Any time opossums creep toward your yard, the lights or sprinklers will kick in and frighten them, making them rush away.

Sonic Repellents

Sonic anti-agents can exist in an assortment of structures, either expecting you to put them in your ground or setting them up close to your home. They’ll emanate either a high-recurrence commotion or sonic vibration that opossums can’t stand, making them dismiss. These items for the most part additionally accompany a movement sensor. This technique isn’t prudent in the event that you have open air bothers, since you could drive off your own feline or canine while they’re outside.

Frightening Possums Off

Set up movement actuated lights or sprinklers. Spot a movement actuated gadget close to the edge of your home, at the front of your property, around natural product trees, or on whatever other spots where possums continuous. When the gadget is set off on the creature a few times, it will not have any desire to come around again.[1]

Movement enacted gadgets are set off once the possum crosses the sensor yet they are likewise set off by whatever else that crosses the sensor.

Movement enacted sprinklers will in general be marginally more viable than movement initiated lights. Lights are sufficient to scare away touchy possums that fear people, however water sprinklers work better with possums that are somewhat more full grown and somewhat harder to frighten.

How to get rid of opossums

Disperse canine or feline hide in the spaces that possums incessant. Gather pet hair in the wake of brushing your canine or feline. Spot the hair in little lattice packs and hang them or spread them around regions at which possums oftentimes accumulate.

The smell of a potential hunter may be sufficient to discourage numerous possums from staying nearby.

Note: Do not let your canine or feline wander aimlessly through the yard to drive off possums. They could get into a battle with forceful possums or other hazardous creatures.

Spread something that smells intense. Alkali and garlic are fragrances that possums will in general escape from. In the case of utilizing alkali, pour a modest quantity of smelling salts into an espresso can with a cover. Spot a cloth inside the alkali and bring one end up through an opening cut into the top. The cloth will go about as a wick to scatter the vapor. Spot one of these holders in each space where possums gather.

Spot a clove of squashed garlic in any space that you need neighborhood possums to stay away from. Squashed garlic is superior to entire garlic since smashing it initially permits a greater amount of the aroma to escape

Apply a substance repellent. Synthetic anti-agents can be applied to nurseries, flowerbeds, or the base of a design. Buy an item from your neighborhood home improvement or tool shop. Adhere to the directions on the anti-agents to apply it securely. Most anti-agents comprise of a powder that is sprinkled preposterous area.[4]

Various anti-agents utilize various fixings, yet hunter pee is regularly one component of it.

How to get rid of opossums

Regardless of their awful visual perception and moderate running, opossums can make a huge wreck in yards. Known for eating nearly anything, they get into waste and make a foul smell with their defecation and pee.

Since they can send an assortment of infections to individuals and pets, it is imperative to address any opossum issue immediately.

Luckily, there are numerous treatment and avoidance strategies you can use to dispose of opossums on your property and keep them from returning. These strategies can be utilized all alone, or an expert untamed life master can likewise utilize them for you to save time and exertion.

Treatment Methods

Indications of opossums on your property will incorporate rubbish that has been messed with, scratch blemishes on trash bins, droppings, foul scents, and vanishing pet food (on the off chance that you keep any outside). When you realize you have opossums in your yard, you can utilize some particular and focused treatment strategies to leave them speechless and keep others from going onto your property.

Eliminate Attractants

Eliminating opossums could be futile in the event that you haven’t dealt with all that attracts them to your yard. Something else, the equivalent or various opossums can in any case advance onto your property, and you’ll be managing a similar issue once more.

Appropriately seal and discard rubbish. Never let your open-air trash bins flood. Ensure that they seal appropriately with no openings or breaks in the top. In the event that you eat or engage outside, tidy up straightforwardly subsequent to eating and never forget about any waste in the open.

How to get rid of opossums by getting off of attractants
How to get rid of opossums by getting off of attractants

Keep pet food inside. On the off chance that your canine or feline invests a large portion of its energy outside, adhere to taking care of timetable as opposed to leaving food outside nonstop. Opossums and numerous other wild creatures will be pulled into the food, and you may even be placing your pet in peril by causing battles about the food.

Eliminate yard flotsam and jetsam and conceivable concealing spots. Opossums don’t make their own homes. All things being equal, they take asylum in common sanctuaries or deserted homes from different animals. Logs, brush heaps, and empty trees are a portion of the more famous spots for opossums, so eliminate these things from your yard. Keeping up steady open-air opposition will likewise keep out an assortment of different creatures.


A snare is the best method to eliminate opossums from your property. When performed alongside counteraction and repellent strategies, catching can likewise be the fastest method to dispose of them.

Instructions to Use a Live Opossum Trap

After you’ve bought a live snare, make certain to completely peruse the guidelines so you see how to utilize it. There is an assortment of traps that come in various sizes, yet most snares as a rule work with spring-stacked or single-direction entryways.

Around evening time, place the snare either close to territories where opossums feed (in all likelihood close to your garbage bins or garden), or close to any settling region you’ve had the option to discover. You should just forget about the snares around evening time since opossums are nighttime and you’ll try not to trap diurnal creatures which you’re doing whatever it takes not to get.

How to get rid of opossums by using a trap
How to get rid of opossums by using a trap

Spot some snare within the snare. Opossums truly aren’t exacting, yet this can be an experimentation interaction to entice them while likewise not pulling in different creatures to the snare. A few thoughts for snare incorporate canine or feline food, fish, meat, or natural products.

Disguise the snare with grasses, leaves, and twigs. This will make the snare significantly more engaging by transforming into the kind of empty haven they like to stow away inside.

Fend your open air pets off while the snare is being used. Particularly if your lure is pet food, it’s ideal to keep them inside the whole time as opposed to hazard catching and conceivably harming them.

Check the snare each day. In the event that an opossum bites the dust of parchedness inside the snare, its corpse will pulls in different creatures and bugs and make a large group of other bug issues for you.

Professional Tips

Check your state’s laws in regards to opossum catching before you remove it to liberate it. There might be sure limitations on where you can deliver them, or there may even be useful data from your state with respect to the best places to do this.

Spot a little ball or toy inside the snare alongside the trap. Once inside, the opossum will presumably play with it out of weariness and disappointment, wearing them out for you to have the option to remove them without any problem.


When you’ve actually taken out the opossum, you can utilize anti-agents to help keep any others from going onto your property.

Pet Fur: The smell of felines and canines could ward opossums off due to their regular impulses to keep away from rivalry and hunters. Rather than deliberately keeping your pet outside to avert opossums, take as much time as is needed you brush them and spread them around the spaces where they’ve caused harm around your property. It’s ideal to utilize your pet’s hide as opposed to the genuine pet since opossums can be forceful and possibly hurt that person in a battle.

Synthetic Repellents: Chemical opossum anti-agents are accessible in stores and on the web, generally in the shower or granule structures. These extremely impactful items even are as putrid as the opossums’ own scent. Thusly, these are ideal to use around the border of your property, away from entryways and windows where the smell could drift inside. Despite their terrible visual perception and moderate running, opossums can make a gigantic wreck in yards. Known for eating nearly anything, they get into waste and make a foul smell with their defecation and pee.

Since they can send an assortment of illnesses to individuals and pets, it is essential to address any opossum issue instantly.

Luckily, there are numerous treatment and counteraction techniques you can use to dispose of opossums on your property and keep them from returning. These techniques can be utilized all alone, or an expert untamed life master can likewise utilize them for you to save time and exertion.

Identify Areas of Damage

To choose an opossum control strategy and focus on its position, you’ll need to recognize the overall propensities and whereabouts of your opossums.

How to get rid of opossums by identifying area of damage
How to get rid of opossums by identifying area of damage
  • Dangerous propensities include:
  • stealing tipped garbage bins
  • taking natural products, berries, and birdseed
  • assaulting stables or poultry houses – taking eggs or chicks
  • settling in your loft, cellar, or unfinished plumbing space – obliterating ventilation work or potentially biting through electrical wires
  • living under your home/patio

Pick the Right Control Method

When you figure out where your opossums are living and the idea of the harm they are causing, pick at least one of the underneath strategies to cure your particular issue.

Perhaps the best approaches to dispose of an opossum – and the best way to dispose of one inside your home – is to physically eliminate it with a live opossum trap. A few hints to remember include:

  • The best season to trap an opossum is from pre-winter to late-fall before the rearing season starts.
  • Opossums are nighttime; just keep your snare set around evening time to try not to get any undesirable critters.
  • Snare your snare with a rank lure like fish.

Master Tips

Prior to utilizing a live opossum trap, allude to your nearby untamed life commission to get familiar with the catching and moving laws in your space.

Despite the fact that opossums don’t burrow their own tunnels, they regularly take cover in those burrowed and deserted by different species. To keep opossums from tracking down home in your yard, fill any unwanted tunnels with rock or cover the passageways by covering wire networks over each. Vital: Make sure a tunnel is empty prior to making a move to reject an opossum from it.

How to get rid of opossums with an pest control expert
How to get rid of opossums with a pest control expert

Opossums can bring forth up to 2-3 litters each year, with a normal of 4-8 joeys per litter. It’s imperative to start opossum control at the main indications of harm to stay away from a bigger invasion.

Joining control arrangements will give you the best guard against opossums.

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